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10 Questions for Audrey Cantwell

Posted on January 27, 2010

I learned of Canadian fashion designer Audrey Cantwell completely by mistake. I was simply surfing the very popular website, when I stumbled upon her Etsy store “blackmarketbaby” and as many designers before her, I absolutely had to contact Ms. Cantwell regarding her designs. Below I have featured my favorite Audrey Cantwell designs as well as ten questions regarding them and her process of designing fashion. Take a look: 1. Your collections seem to have a dark themes. For example, your Howl collection includes a great amount of leather and studs and your most recent collection Salem features a lot of black colors and drapes. Why is that and how did you come up with the names for your collections? I`ve always had a…

Posted on January 12, 2010

I am traveling to Okemo Mountain (which is located in Ludlow, Vermont) for the week to snowboard. I will therefore not be blogging due to the fact that my home there does not have internet or cell phone service – welcome to Vermont! However, once I return I have exciting content. This is just a small preview: Sources:, audreycantwell,com,, google images.

Excuse me, Sir. You used to be curvy!

Posted on October 15, 2009

I never heard a foul thing come out of Karl Lagerfeld’s mouth until he stated the following, Wait… What!? No one wants to see curvy women? Alright, that’s a discriminatory comment to make. Discriminating against a person due to their size is just like discriminating against a person because of their skin color or sexual preferences (Mr. Lagerfeld is gay). If Mr. Lagerfeld had ever been met with discrimination by  the fashion due to his size, he would never have been where he is now. May I remind you that Mr. Lagerfeld used to be beyond curvy. He used to be overweight. According to The Huffington Post, Mr. Lagerfeld lost a whopping 92 pounds in recent years. Thankfully, Glamour Magazine, Marie Claire and German…

“She can’t walk and chew gum at the same time”

Posted on June 30, 2009

The editorial below featuring Gisele Bundchen is getting kind of old but I forgot to post it on here when I first saw it. Honestly, if anybody can walk in those ankle breakers (I don’t know if its at all possible, do you? There looks to be about a foot worth of heel!) while chewing gum it’s Ms. Bundchen herself. Eat your heart out. Marc Jacobs I write about Marc Jacobs a lot and it’s getting to the point where it’s ridiculous but I can’t help it. Here are my favorite new items from his special items selection, available at all Marc Jacobs stores and more than likely on Ebay in a few weeks. Take a look: Bowler bag, $49.99 Cheetah coin purse, $14.00…

Dana-Maxx Designs

Posted on June 29, 2009

Designer of The Week: Dana-Maxx Pomerantz I took one look Dana-Maxx‘s Fall designs and immediately decided that I had to feature them on YOU ARE WHO YOU WEAR. The designs are just striking, fierce and flirty and if you are anything like me you are already looking for inspiration for your Fall 2009 wardrobe. I recommend that you take a look at Ms. Maxx’s designs for just that. I was immediately impressed with Ms. Maxx’s use of bold colors and feminine features (such as the ruffled bottom skirts) because that makes the designs feel and look edgy while also maintaining a feminine touch to them. I couldn’t help but find Dana-Maxx’s designs to be incredibly chic with a little mix of rock and roll…