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Posted on November 7, 2012

NARS Cosmetics has just released a cosmetic line in honor of Andy Warhol and they are celebrating his life in a beautiful way! I am not much for color when it comes to make-up. However, I think everyone knows that Mr. Warhol’s art left the world a little more colorful so I found this collection to be really fun and appropriate. The cosmetics collection is available for purchase at Sephora as well as on the NARS Comestics website. Here are my favorite picks from the limited-edition collection: Images are via. & Advertisements

Your body is a….

Posted on September 6, 2009

Wonderland Magazine is by far the most intriguing magazine I have read in a long, long time. Its editorials are unique and breathtaking. The writing is informative yet not overwhelming and what is perhaps the most impressive about Wonderland Magazine is the fact that the magazine was created only four years ago. Somehow the magazine has been able to feature big time celebrities such as Megan Fox, Julianne Moore and Chace Crawford. Below are some of my favorite pictures from various different issues of Wonderland Magazine. Take a look:Source:

Go beard yourself…

Posted on August 27, 2009

Are any of you impressed by Kate Moss’s collection for Topshop? I’m not. The collection launched today and I was eager to take a look. I am very unimpressed. I think she makes anything look great when she is the person wearing it but her collection makes me cringe. The colors and quality of the designs are awful and  I suspect that is why all of the promotion photos featuring Ms. Moss are in black and white. The photos would never, ever look good in color and the merchandise would never look good in real life for that matter. For example, the Kaftan top (featured above) looks like maternity wear and butterfly dress (also featured above) would add 20 pounds to any person wearing…

Lizzi Miller

Posted on August 24, 2009

Plus-size model, Lizzi Miller (pictured below) is commanding much attention. She’s fantastic and at 180 lbs, she looks like a normal, healthy woman. How refreshing! I have met with some of the largest modeling agencies in the world. I have met agents, worked with directors and I never been treated poorly by anybody with whom I have met and interacted with – not even by the other models who viewed me as  their “competition” and vice-versa. So it is always surprising to me when I learn that agencies will ignore the health needs of their models which seems to be the case with Crystal Renn when she battled an eating disorder at the age of 16. Everyone I’ve met has always been concerned for…

Sketched Out

Posted on July 16, 2009

One of the biggest compliments a blogger can receive is when California-based artist, Danny Roberts (pictured above) takes the time to sketch and draw a picture of you (take a look at some of the blogger portraits here). Well, if you can’t be drawn by him, you can now wear something in which he has drawn. At the young age of 23, Mr. Roberts has collaborated with Gwen Stefani for the Harajucku Lovers collection. I have never cared for any Harajuku Lovers designs and then I saw the two bags featured below. I really like these bags! The plaid prints are great and I really like how the illustrations really look like they’re drawn directly on the bags. The designs are just simple and…