Lindsay Lohan will star as Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming movie “Liz & Dick” on the TV channel Lifetime. When Taylor passed last year, I had never really heard of her until then and when I saw the morning news speaking of her, I decided to look her up. I can now understand why so many people consider her to be an intriguing woman – from her exotic looks, her jewelry collection, her many marriages and for the fact that she is looking at Richard Burton in this photo instead of her newborn child.

Many have compared Lohan and Taylor for their similar, chaotic lifestyles. Both were child actresses, both struggled with addiction as well as relationship woes and while I will not tune into “Liz & Dick” I do feel as though there are similar circumstances in which the actresses have both endured  but I don’t think it is fair to compare one of my generations bigger train wrecks to the life of one of Hollywood’s Golden Ages icons. My generation does not compare to that of Liz’s, especially when it comes to things like this.

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