I have ended my work with Object Collectors Item and will, once more, be focusing on my own work here on YOU ARE WHO YOU WEAR. Despite my not having actively blogged on here for over two years, I still get plenty of “hits” and comments – you all are a delight, thank you! I’ve had such a wonderful few years with Object and I will never forget what a privilege it was to work for a fashion house like Object. Thank you to those of you who presented me with the opportunity. I will truly never forget it.

It’s been a hectic few years, folks! I just moved to New York City a few months ago and I am now contemplating a move to Colorado. I am still in school and I am graduating college in May. I hope to continue my education at Colorado State University so hopefully I am accepted there. I have missed blogging for myself and by myself. While The Object Fashion Blog did not limit me in any way, shape or form as a blogger, I do appreciate being responsible for my own product and not that of a major company. I’ve deemed it appropriate to use this post as a time to reflect on my time at Object and some of the work that I completed with/for them with some pictures. So here we go: