I have lost track of how many times that I have expressed that I do not care for celebrity designers. However, Victoria Beckham is the only exception. I adore the businesswoman that is Mrs. Beckham. She is a brilliant mind, that is for sure. However, after taking a look at her A/W 2010 collection I have come to the conclusion that she is also a brilliant designer. The collection featured only dresses and style.com declared that “there wasn’t one bad dress in the bunch.” A well deserved compliment, if you ask me. I also really enjoyed Mrs. Beckham’s diverse runway. Asian models were featured along with Asian and Caucasian models. Now if she could just use models that weren’t rail thin! Curvy women, such as Jennifer Hudson, look divine in her dresses.

Betsey Johnson is one of my favorite designers. I was really pleased with her collection and the fact that it is indeed ready-to-wear. Her colors were fun, her fabrics were long and I could not write about this collection without mentioning that Kelly Osbourne was included on the runway. She look stunning! And more importantly, she looked incredibly happy. I am so glad that a curvy woman was featured on the runway.

Alexander Wang is back! Not that he ever went anywhere if you ask fashion experts. But to me, his last collection was awful and it just did not make all that much sense to me. However, this time around Mr. Wang featured real life clothing that many type of women could pull off. I enjoyed his dark colors and long, flowing skirts. His use of velvet (or is it velour? or neither?) fabric was great too.

Karen Walker is awesome. The look to the far left, reminds me of the seventies. The look on the far right is just so casual and simple that anyone could wear it! She called the Fall collection Salzburg, USA which is an imaginary place where an America with old-world European wardrobe traditions resides. I found her collection to be absolutely stunning.

“I always wanted to live a man’s life in a woman’s body.” that is the quote that appeared on top of Diane Von Furstenburg’s style notes. Ms. Furstenburg pleasantly surprised me. Mostly due to the fact that her runway was dark, fierce and edgy. Her signature flowy dresses were still present, however, along with plenty of frills and feminine features. Totally DVF true!

Jen Kao’s A/W 2010 collection reminded me of Alexander Wang’s Spring 2009 RTW Collection. The knits, the ankle boots, etc. However, this is not a bad thing. I loved the colors that she used and the fact that she used many different fabrics; sheers, leathers, knits. Ms. Kao mentioned that she found inspiration in Moby Dick and while I did not find this clearly evident I absolutely enjoyed every single piece that was featured on her runway.

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