The country of France is currently deciding on whether or not to pass a law requiring retouched photos to be labeled as such. One could compare this label to the labels found on packs of cigarettes. These labels serve the purpose of informing you of the fact that the product in which you have just purchased is harmful to your health. I would consider excessive photo retouching just as unhealthy as smoking so to me this makes perfect sense. It also turns out that The U.K.’s Committee of Advertising Practice (this committee is responsible for the country’s code of advertising), just received a report which was authored by more than 40 academics. This report recommends that there be put a ban on Photoshopped ads targeted at girls younger than 16. Experts say they have found a link between unhealthy behavior in young adults who are exposed to digitally perfected models, according to Geeze, how surprising! So, while I go to bed praying that Healthcare Reform gets passed in the Senate tomorrow morning (read more about this matter by clicking here) I also certainly hope that laws will be passed around the globe that put restrictions on these foolish, unrealistic standards that women are expected to live up to in the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, etc. that are in part created by photoshopped models. On that note, I am now going to go eat a load of carbs and I intend to feel fantastic about myself while doing so. Please feel free to take a look at this fantastic V Magazine editorial featured below which shows women of different sizes – I love diversity! Happy Holidays everyone!

Who else is thinking about what to wear (or who to wear) for New Years Eve? I’ve been thinking about it for weeks now but seeming that I still have absolutely no idea what I will be doing on New Years, I just can’t decide what type of dress I will want to wear. These floor length options would be great though. Take a look: