Ida (the model featured above) litterally left me stunned following my viewing part of her portfolio. What a stunning, versatile young woman. I absolutely had to contact her because there were five simple questions in which my mind absolutely needed answered by her. After all, how many models get asked questions? No one really cares what a model likes or what they want because it is not part of their job description. They’re in a sense just beautiful, fragile objects and so I sensed that Ida was both surprised and delighted when I asked her if I could ask her questions. She was very shy about her english language and she made sure that I was aware that english was not her native toungue. I found her quite charming and I absolutely related to her shyness. Ida’s first language is Danish and despite having traveled to Milan, New York, Paris and various other locations she makes sure that one is aware that she is in fact Danish. I think she is dynamite and after having signed with 2PM Model Management, appearing in ELLE Magazine, Armani ad campaigns, etc. I am obviously not the only one who feels this way.

Ida was so kind to answer the 5 lingering questions in which I had for her. Take a look:

ida91. Ida, how did you start modeling?

I went to an open casting for a television program about “being a model” here in Denmark, that the agency 2PM arranged. I was 15 or 16. And it was my mom that thought I should give it a try. It’s funny, but I guess that all mommies believes that their kids are something special… I got chosen and then it all went from there. I got a lot of jobs and went to live in Milan as the first place, after New York and then Paris and now i’m based in Denmark, but travels a lot still.

2. You have a very unique look. Please tell me about your personal style. Who do you find inspirational in regards to style?

Looking at people on the street and in shops… It’s usualy second-hand-shops I prefer. And then I think I always try to make my outfits look funny in some kind of way. I find it very boring wearing to simple or classic clothes.

3. You are also a DJ. How did you get in to music? Which do you like better? Modeling or DJ’ing?

A lot of my friends were Dj’ing, back then, when it all started. . But the thing that really got me into doing it, was that I got a girlfriend that was a Dj. So she taught me how to do it, what CD players to buy and all that stuff. . She talked about that we could go play together, and yeah….that was a big motivation for me. So I did whatever I could to learn it as fast as possible. And after a couple of months we had gigs everywhere… So that was really great! About modeling, I was really excited when I got the Armani campaign in Milan a couple of years ago… But I have never really enjoyed the work though. Some jobs are nice of course, but to do castings in other countries is horrible. So I never really want to do that! I think it’s a boring job a lot of times. But the money is good. And that’s what has kept me doing it for around 6 years now….
there is almost no money in the DJ gigs, but I really love that job!! So yearh….. Both jobs are good, but in a different ways. One makes me happy and one gives me money and of course dj jobs can be boring as well, when I have to play at clubs where I can’t play the music I LOVE the most.

4. You are from Denmark but travel a whole lot. What are you favorite things to do and see when traveling?

Oh yes, I do….Ehm…I love to go out on clubs. Especially in Germany ’cause they have the hottest clubs and dj’s playing almost every night.
In New York or just in the US in general I’m not crazy about going out because of the dj bookings at the clubs, they are very mainstream I think. But then it’s a fantastic city to go shop in and they have a lot of really nice restaurants there. And of course a lot of nice fat fat food, that I eat too much of already ☺

5. What is your favorite item that is in your wardrobe and why?

Uh, I have a lot of favorite things…. I have so much clothing. But I guess at the moment it must be my fur vest as I got from my grandmother, I love that one a lot… And I have a lot of really nice hats that I wear a lot too, I think hats always makes the clothes look more interesting.

Special thanks to Ms. Daugaard. She’s awesome! For more information on Ida please visit her myspace where you can listen to her music by clicking here.