If Pakistan Fashion Week seems less glamorous than New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week that is because it is. Pakistan is attempting to become part of the international fashion market and despite continues delays due to threats of bombings and the fear of terrorism, the organizers and models still wanted fashion week to continue.


According to Time Magazine, Pakistan has tried to enter the fashion market since 2007. However, terrorist attacks and the assasination of Benazir Bhottu contributed to their not doing so until now. The 2009 show was actually delayed when militants attacked a military base just a few days before the shows were scheduled to begin. Numerous models, 700+ attendees and 32 designers participated in fashion week despite fears of a possible attack. I find that to be very brave and I think that takes a lot of courage for people to do. This should be recognized and Model, Nadia Hussain, agreed but also voiced her opinion, “Unfortunately, it is the bad side of Pakistan that gets everybody’s attention….” she said. Ayesha Tammy Haq, the events organizer added that the event should be read as a “gesture of defiance to the Taliban.”

This gesture is well received on my part.  I am excited for Pakistan and I hope that they participate in many fashion weeks to come as it is so thrilling to see fashion that is not considered truly western because that’s what fashion is all about; change, culture and expression.

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