Picture 6I was reluctant to write about Mary-Kate’s and Ashley’s collection for JCPenney. I agree with my friend Clare‘s opinion regarding the new collection and the designers behind it. Clare  stated the following, Mary Kate and Ashley are forever making these lines of crap clothes. If I remember correctly they used to (or still do) have a clothing line at Wal Mart (or K Mart) or the something. However, these girls just commission cheap designers to make cheap clothes, slap their name on the tag, and then sell them to masses and make millions off of them. These girls have like 16 “clothing lines” but I doubt either one of them can sew on a button.” and I just couldn’t agree more. I can’t imagine trying to become a designer today. Or anything in a field that requires originality because celebrities have submerged themselves in every single industry. They’ve submerged themselves in to the music industry, acting industry, design industry and the modeling industry just to name a few. It’s getting so old.

Anways, the twins announced that they were designing a junior’s collection for JCPenney. The collection will be titled “Olsenboye” (that’s such a weird name!? but according to NYMag it’s their Norwegian ancestral name) and should hit stores nationwide in the upcoming months. Below are some photos of the twins at Union Square yesterday:

Picture 5

I’m sorry if I lack enthusiasm regarding this announcement.

Watch the teaser for the collection here: