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Today I wore jeans. In part because in the United States of America, it is my liberty to do so. I never realized that in other nations, it is not only illegal to wear pants but a woman can receive severe penalties for doing so.

For example, yesterday two Sudanese women, ages 25 and 27 were sentenced to receive twenty lashing as well as a fine equal to $110.00 for wearing pants. The women subsequently filed an appeal following the sentencing so they have not had to face their punishment… Yet. This type of  case does not seem to be uncommon in Sudan. In September, Lubna Hussein was fined $200.00 for wearing trousers. She faced up to 40 lashings but some suspect that due to the amount of publicity in which her case had faced, the judge remained reluctant in sentencing her to lashings. Ms. Hussein, a 34-year-old journalist who has worked with the United Nations, arrived to court wearing the same trousers in which she was arrested for wearing, which I consider a very brave move. She was arrested in July along with twelve other women whom were also wearing trousers.

It’s odd the small things in which women are not allowed to do in various other countries. I am just happy that I live in a nation where I can wear pants! I do feel horrible for the women who don’t get to exercise this liberty. However,I am glad that some women such as Lubna Hussein is fighting for their liberty. Feel lucky today, ladies for we can almost wear whatever we please. While it is often without scrutiny or questioning, at least we will never receive lashings for it.

Do any of you know of other restrictions in which women in other countries have to face?

On a lighter note…

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The shoe above is from Yes,! It is incredible and I absolutely love the gold detailing of the wedge. The pair costs $164.00 and I believe that it is currently sold out, unfortunately.