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I never heard a foul thing come out of Karl Lagerfeld’s mouth until he stated the following,

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Wait… What!? No one wants to see curvy women? Alright, that’s a discriminatory comment to make. Discriminating against a person due to their size is just like discriminating against a person because of their skin color or sexual preferences (Mr. Lagerfeld is gay). If Mr. Lagerfeld had ever been met with discrimination by  the fashion due to his size, he would never have been where he is now.

May I remind you that Mr. Lagerfeld used to be beyond curvy. He used to be overweight. According to The Huffington Post, Mr. Lagerfeld lost a whopping 92 pounds in recent years. Thankfully, Glamour Magazine, Marie Claire and German magazine Brigette are all going against this foolishness and committing to offering more curvy women in their magazines much to the dismay of ignorant snobs like Karl Lagerfeld.

I am disappointed by him.

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