Do any of you notice something unique about Mark Fast’s collection? Or rather, the models whom are wearing it?Picture 38Picture 39Picture 37Picture 37Picture 40Picture 34

If you haven’t noticed yet, what is unique about Mark Fast’s models is the fact that some of them are plus sized. “A lot of people think it’s not appropriate to use plus-size models, but I met these girls and I loved their charisma. They’re just jewels, you know?” he stated to According to his his managing director, Mr. Fast’s show stylist quit due to the fact that Mr. Fast was so keen on using three plus-size models on his runway. One can not help but wonder if this was done to create publicity for Mr. Fast’s collection but while that may be the motive behind what many consider a bold move, I know a lot of people appreciate what he did. All of his models looked absolutely miserable but they must have enjoyed being a part of this.