Christian Siriano is flamboyant but brilliant. Despite his winning Project Runway I have paid absolutely no attention to him. That was until yesterday when I viewed his collection for Payless. I am absolutely in awe. Take a look:Picture 7

Here are my two favorite designs that are currently available on the website:

Picture 34 Picture 33

You can purchase the two looks featured above ($49.99 a pair) and more by clicking here.

Picture 14It turns out that not only are Mr. Siriano’s shoe designs incredible, his clothing designs are too. I can only describe his Spring 2010 RTW collection as a dream; The dream. I could not get enough of it and while I have been truly disappointed with a lot of Spring 2010 RTW collections (hello, Erin Wasson) I am glad to say that Christian Siriano did anything but disappoint. Take a look at my favorite pieces from his Spring 2010 RTW collection:

Picture 17

Picture 9Picture 13

Jenni Kayne

I feel as though Jenni Kayne offered much needed femininity to the runway via. her collection. The looks below could look good on a regular sized woman as well as a runway model. She features simple yet elegant pieces and I absolutely love her entire Spring 20100 RTW collection. Take a look:

Picture 29Picture 30

Picture 15

I never thought I would be disappointed by anything in which Alexander Wang designed. Unfortunately his Spring 2010 RTW collection has proved to be such a disappointment. The collection looks like men’s clothing which in itself is. However, Mr. Wang failed to tailor the clothing to look like it was supposed to be on a women’s body. According to, Mr. Wang found inspiration in the sport of football this could be why he featured odd looking sport bra’s and plenty of stripes. I just cringed when I viewed the collection which I do say with regret since I usually truly enjoy Mr. Wang’s collections. Take a look and please do let me know what you think:

Picture 22

Picture 19Picture 20 Picture 9

One thing that I did like about the Alexander Wang show are the pictures from backstage. They’re absolutely fantastic although I am really displeased with the fact that he did not have one single model that was of color. I only noticed one asian model and the rest of them were caucasian (please correct me if I am wrong). For a designer who seems to celebrate diversity, that is disappointing.Picture 6

Picture 28

Erin Wasson’s collection for RVCA was another huge disappointment for me. Like Alexander Wang, a lot of the looks were oversized and unflattering for anybody who is not a size two. The collection reflects Ms. Wasson very well but I don’t believe that it is anything to boast about. Take a look:

Picture 23Picture 27


Picture 15

Now the photo above is just borderline embarrassing… I wonder if Ms. Wasson felt as though no one would notice this HUGE, HUGE blunder and complete copy of Zac Posen’s skirt from his S/S 2010 collection?

What do you think? Who are your favorite designers from New York Fashion Week so far?