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Are any of you impressed by Kate Moss’s collection for Topshop? I’m not. The collection launched today and I was eager to take a look. I am very unimpressed. I think she makes anything look great when she is the person wearing it but her collection makes me cringe. The colors and quality of the designs are awful and  I suspect that is why all of the promotion photos featuring Ms. Moss are in black and white. The photos would never, ever look good in color and the merchandise would never look good in real life for that matter. For example, the Kaftan top (featured above) looks like maternity wear and butterfly dress (also featured above) would add 20 pounds to any person wearing it and looks like something that an elderly person would find suitable. It’s just absolutely horrible.

Christopher Kane’s collection for Topshop is another story, however. I absolutely love everything featured below. Especially the studs and sheer fabrics. The looks seem effortless which is great. The collection will be available next month according to Topshop.com

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I never, ever thought I’d see the day where I found Chace Crawford attractive. Interview Magazine changed all of that  for me. Maybe it’s the tattoos they painted on him or the James Dean hairstyle. I don’t know but he looks stunning and absolutely handsome. Picture 63Picture 23

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Picture 18One last thing: To all of my Danish readers, I urge you to visit www.elskhjertet.dk where you can put a beard on a photo of yourself (like the one above) and learn more about heart disease. The site it quite fun and the  website makes for learning about this disease easy. These are my versions of the bearded photos:

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