Plus-size model, Lizzi Miller (pictured below) is commanding much attention. She’s fantastic and at 180 lbs, she looks like a normal, healthy woman. How refreshing!

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I have met with some of the largest modeling agencies in the world. I have met agents, worked with directors and I never been treated poorly by anybody with whom I have met and interacted with – not even by the other models who viewed me as  their “competition” and vice-versa. So it is always surprising to me when I learn that agencies will ignore the health needs of their models which seems to be the case with Crystal Renn when she battled an eating disorder at the age of 16. Everyone I’ve met has always been concerned for me and I just can’t imagine anyone turning their back to a large problem such as an eating disorder. I have been told to gain weight and loose weight, I have also been told to do neither. But I have only felt the pressure of weight loss from myself – there was never an outside source that added to the pressure. An agent from Wilhelmina offered me a reality check when she said that I could never make it down to the runway size (sizes 2, 4 and/or rarely a size 6) naturally (without some type of eating disorder) and even if I did, I would still have curves. Despite this, I constantly pleaded with myself to try and get down to a size 4. The constant worrying become exhausting so last year I just stopped pursuing modeling altogether. Now that I am a more confident person I hope to pursue it yet again and ironically enough, I lost 13 pounds this summer just by being more active and happy with myself – I truly did not even try. Maybe after picking up a copy of Crystal Renn’s new book “Hunger” I will know if I want to pursue plus-size modeling but until then, I’ll just enjoy not being in pursuit.

Crystal Renn’s first book (pictured below)  is available September 8th – you can pre-order your copy here.

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Before (2002):

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After (2009):

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Jessica Fair is a graduate of Cornell University and created Shiborilove in 2008. I decided to feature her as the Designer of The Week because I am usually anti any legging that is not a basic color such as black or gray. However, Shiborilove has become the first exception to this rule and I am just impressed. The legwear below is handmade and prices start at $32.00. I think I’m getting a pair for my fall/winter wardrobe – how about you? Take a look:

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These looks and more can be purchased here.