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I refuse to sugar coat it; my blog has been a completely failure as of lately. I won’t address why but after the countless of enquiries asking why I am not blogging, I will say this; as long as my blog sucks, I will make it my duty to provide you with other reads/blogs that do not. This little list of non-sucky blogs includes FAKE KARL. If  you know anything about fashion, you do know who Karl Lagerfeld is. I consider him the male Anna Wintour (if you know anything about fashion, you know who she is too) though a lot more humorous and well, male. So his behavior – such as wearing sunglasses 24/7 –  seems all the more acceptable. I know, that is terrible of me to say but it’s the truth. I assume that since the blog is called “Fake Karl” that it is not Mr. Lagerfeld himself whom is behind the blog but rather another hilarious person who seems to capture the public persona of Mr. Lagerfeld very well.

I hope that you enjoy reading this and may you laugh as much as I did when I read this blog. I promise I will be back to writing on YOU ARE WHO YOU WEAR as soon as I can.

With love,