I absolutely fell in love with the jacket below, so I purchased it for $29.99. What a bargain! I got really lucky since it was the last jacket of its kind there and its no where to be found online although I’m sure it will end up on Ebay eventually. The design completely reminds me of a similar jacket which is designed by Balmain. While no design can ever compare to that of Balmain’s this will have to do until I have $10,000 to waste on the real deal. I plan on altering the jacket a little. I will write more about that in the future though.

Picture 82

I can’t figure out if the jacket reminds me of an old-school military jacket or a marching band jacket?! What do you all think?

Picture 79 Picture 67

It seems as though Rick Owens has tapped in to the structured shoulder trend and I’m not complaining. The jackets retail at the price range $1,000-,2000 which is much less than Balmain’s. Granted Mr. Owen’s designs do not feature the crystals and special detailing that Balmain’s does but his version of the  jacket itself makes a statement and it will not enter a room before the person who is wearing it does. H&M will also be offering their version of the structured shoulder trend. As soon as I find a picture I will feature it.

Picture 66

The Rick Owens designs featured above are available for purchase here.

Source: fashioncult.com, lindestore.com