I’ve expressed before that I am not a fan of Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen. I don’t care for their acting nor do I care for their weird hobo/I’m-super-rich-but-I-like-to-look- homeless fashion statements. However, I really do appreciate their collections the Row and Elizabeth & James. In fact, those are the only celebrity clothing lines that I actually  continuously care for. Mary-Kate and Ashley have managed to stay out of their own ad campaigns for the collections unlike fellow celebrity designers such as Jessica Simpson and Avril Lavigne which I find refreshing too. It seems that The CFDA (The Council of Fashion Designers) does recognize this as well because the sisters are among 31 designers  (along with designers such as Alexander Wang and Jason Wu) to be inducted in to and honored by The Council of Fashion Designers. They will receive their accolade in New York in October. The Row is inspired by London’s Savile Row and is meant to reflect the actresses personal style. The exact style that I do not care for but somehow really love when they design. Whereas Elizabeth & James is more contemporary and is inspired mainly by vintage pieces also from their personal wardrobes. Both lines should be expanding to include mens collections by the Fall of 2009. I don’t understand why the Row doesn’t have an official website and the girls seem to be behind in their collections since they’re not offering a Fall/Winter 2009 collection from Elizabeth and James yet or so the official website makes it seem. Designers such as Alexander Wang are already featuring such collections on their websites and it concerns me that the girls aren’t up to date with their lookbooks especially since many are now speaking of their collections due to their being inducted in to the CFDA. Anyways, featured below are my favorite items from the Elizabeth & James Spring 2009 Collection. The collection includes jewelry and footwear too and is very feminine and delicate. Take a look:

Picture 30Picture 38Picture 33Picture 41Picture 31Picture 46Picture 47

On a different note…

Picture 51

I enjoyed my lunch break today by dining at Bob’s Place Restaurant which is located in Long Island right down the block from where I work. I first went to Bob’s Place approximately three weeks ago and I fell in love. The food, the service and the atmosphere are incredible. Upon entering the dining area one instantly knows that a good meal is about to follow. Their prices are surprisingly low and everything (I mean, everything) is made fresh.  A three course meal is $15.00 which to me, is an incredible deal. I love going there not only because of the food but also because it is such a relaxing place to eat.  No one rushes you and you feel like taking your time eating. The atmosphere is excellent and the wait staff is incredible. They’re kind and always smiling. If I were a food critic, I would give Bob’s Place 5 out of 5 stars but just take a look at the review of Bob’s Place from Horse Society Magazine here and visit Bob’s Place Restaurant’s Official Website here.

Below are some photos of the inside of Bob’s Place. I will take my own next time I go there.

Picture 49Picture 50

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