The much talked about sneakers designed by Kanye West for Louis Vuitton became available today – but good luck getting your paws on them, they’re already sold out! I wonder who bought these 900 something dollar sneakers, during this type of economy?

West makes great music but he is your typical overconfident male which makes him annoying. Equally annoying is it the fact that he is suddenly part of the fashion world. However, I was surprised by is the fact that his sneakers for LV are actually quite nice (minus the price tag). Take a look:


Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring 2010

I can’t help but to think the footwear below is really cool. I don’t care if they’re designed for men, I wouldn’t mind wearing them!

What do you think?

Let ’em have burkas!

According to NY Magazine, last week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said full-body veils, like burkas some Muslim women wear over their clothes, are “not welcome” in France. That sounds like something our former President would say and yet I can not help but be incredibly angry at the fact that these men get to rule countries. If somebody like Iran President Ahmadinejad said tthat the cross was not welcome in their country, imagine what type of war would be started then. Many do not realize that the muslim faith is a beautiful faith that includes Jesus as a Prophet. Muslim’s are dedicated believers that pray five times a day and fast during Ramadan. The Muslim faith is accepting – in fact, it is so accepting that you just have to profess your faith of Mohammed in order to become a Muslim. I grew up with Muslims and I thank God for that every day. Every since 9/11 there has been such ridicule towards that faith and I just don’t understand why. Many don’t even know that the majority of the worlds muslims do not exist in the Middle East, but in Indonesia instead. It’s disgraceful.  But all women who wear burkas got the last laugh four days later, because the George V hotel in Paris hosted a fashion show that included nothing but designer fashions that muslim women could wear from designers such as Nina Ricci and Blumarine. Take a look:

John Galliano, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, and More Design Fancy AbayasThe Saks Fifth Avenue Riyadh and Jeddah fashion show at the George V hotel in Paris.

I’m glad to see that Muslim women are being recognized by the fashion world. Hopefully, the President of France will apologize for his tasteless remarks.

Glamour Girl

Taylor Swift looks incredible in the pages of Glamour Magazine! Just like Elle UK gave Emma Watson a simple white wall to work with so did Glamour Magazine with Ms. Swift. But unlike Emma, she makes that white wall pop!

Picture 2

Take a look at more photos of Ms. Swift in Glamour Magazine here.