Every monday night at 9 PM, my DVR records ABC Family’s new show Make it or Break it. My good friend, Candace Cameron Bure stars in this show and in the beginning that is the only reason I even watched it. Despite the show only being two episodes in, I have fallen love with it! The show is also the reason I learned about Ryan Calhoun who is 26 year old recording artist from Los Angeles, CA. His song “Who We Are” played during the show and I became intrigued with it so I immediately googled him and listened to his songs on iTunes. Three e-mails later, my interview with Ryan was finalized. What a character he is! Smart, funny and blunt is how I would describe him. He illustrates these characteristics on his Myspace where he wastes no time playing around stating things such as “I don’t know if I have that many accomplishments and most critics would/will probably hate my music” but that’s exactly the attitude that made me want to talk to him to begin with because instead of listing all of his accomplishments, I just got to listen to his music instead. That was really refreshing and quite clever because he does speak through his music and you kind of feel like you’re getting to know him better after each song that you listen to.

The music is all original and written by Ryan himself. Songs like “What I want” is the type of song you would want to play on a rainy night, it is really intimate.  Then there are songs like “Draining” that are personal and a little more upbeat. One can not help but wonder what type of person or situation inspires Ryan to write these type of lyrics but with over 1,811,816 plays on Myspace and a number one spot on the iTunes charts I suspect we’re going to hear a lot more of Ryan. You can hear his music on shows such as MTV’s The Real World and now on Make it or Break it. Ryan will also be touring this summer with Alisa Turner who herself is a talented artist too.


With intrigue comes curiosity so I decided to ask Ryan some questions. Below they are answered gracefully. Take a look:

1. How long have you been playing music? Who encouraged you start singing and do you write you own music?

RC: I’ve been playing music since I was about 11 or so. I grew up in a very musical family, but I would say my sister encouraged/influenced me the most with music. And Yes, I write all my own music.

2. Who influences your music? Are there any mainstream or even indie artists who influence you? What about family, friends, (ex) girlfriends, etc.

RC: I think i’m influenced by so many different things. I try and draw from all my life experiences. Heartache, love, hurt, fears, failures, dreams etc.

3. Your music has been featured on MTV and your song “Who We Are” was recently featured on the new ABC family show Make it or Break it. Please describe what it feels like to hear your own music being played on TV.

RC: Ya know, it’s a little surreal, but of course it’s a great feeling. It’s nice to know that people are connecting to something that is so personal to me.

4. When, where and how were you discovered? Or did you do the discovering by sending out demo’s or auditioning?

RC: haha, well I don’t know if I’m “discovered” quite yet, but hopefully getting there. Yeah, a lot of this business is just keeping your nose to the grind and being persistent. I’ve sent out a lot of cd’s, emails, mp3s to a lot of different people. It’s nice to see some of the hard work pay off.

5. How would you describe your music and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

RC: I’ve finally come up with a description of my music. “Unapologetic Pop Rock” haha… I want to continue to just make honest music and have a career at doing it. It would be nice to play Madison Square Garden one day.

6. You are going on tour this August with Alisa Turner. Is this your first tour and what do you expect to experience while you are on the road?

RC: Not my first tour, but my first tour with Alisa. Being on the road is an interesting experience. It’s always full of surprises. I guess you always have to expect the unexpected.

7. Other than the tour, do you have any upcoming projects?

RC: Just going to be working on more touring, more TV and Film placements. Stuff like that.

8. Which artist (dead or alive) would you like to work with and why?

RC: There are a couple. I would love to work with Bono and The Edge. Dave Grohl and probably MJ…

9. What is your advice for people who want to pursue a career in music?

RC: Stay true to yourself and your convictions. just be persistent and do it because you love it.

10. What is your favorite song that you perform? And why?

RC: I really enjoy performing “who we are” I don’t play too many songs on the piano (most of them are on guitar). It’s good to change it up…

Take a listen…

To my favorite song by Ryan Calhoun as well as a look at his music video to the song “Draining”:

Take a listen to more of Ryan Calhoun’s music here and take a look at upcoming tour dates and/or locations here.

Source: Ryan Calhoun