The editorial below featuring Gisele Bundchen is getting kind of old but I forgot to post it on here when I first saw it. Honestly, if anybody can walk in those ankle breakers (I don’t know if its at all possible, do you? There looks to be about a foot worth of heel!) while chewing gum it’s Ms. Bundchen herself. Eat your heart out.

Marc Jacobs

I write about Marc Jacobs a lot and it’s getting to the point where it’s ridiculous but I can’t help it. Here are my favorite new items from his special items selection, available at all Marc Jacobs stores and more than likely on Ebay in a few weeks. Take a look:

Bowler bag, $49.99

Picture 35

Cheetah coin purse, $14.00

Picture 37

Two-tone belt, $14.00

Picture 38

Glass drop ring, $8.00

Picture 39

Bebe Fall Ad Campaign

When I first moved to New York City, Bebe was the store I went to if I needed workout clothing. It now seems that over the years, Bebe has completely renovated its image and now seems more couture than anything if one is to judge by the photos from its Fall Campaign featured below. So far, the leather and denim jean featured in the last photo below, is the only item that I know for sure is going to be available. Hopefully all of the designs featured in the campaign will be, but I doubt it. I will make sure to update you as soon as I know!

Picture 31Picture 30Picture 29Picture 28


White the Bebe design below is not nearly as bad as the YSL copycat I featured with Bebe a few weeks ago, it does seem as though there was inspiration taken from Christian Louboutin. Take a look:

Christian Louboutin

Picture 32


Bebe, $159.00

Picture 26

Pair them with…

Marshall Matters

Picture 13Picture 49Picture 21

Dresses are designed by Hannah Marshall.

Jay-Z & Death of Autotune

I don’t really care for rap. It just doesn’t strike the right nerve with me nor does it give me frequent goosebumps like genres such as R&B… But, if one rapper can give me goosebumps, it’s Jay-Z. In the song, Death of Autotune, he mentions hot 97 and all major New York City radio stations which I personally credit for introducing me to Jay-Z. I just found that sort of ironic. Take a listen/look at his new song “Death of Autotune” below. It’s a fun, festive tune. Something you just want to put on when you’re with a group of friends.

I’m craming way too much in to one blog post…

But! Emma Watson is on the front cover of UK Elle Magazine. The cover is brilliant but the inside pages, not so much. It is nothing compared to the Teen Vogue editorial and just seems kind of… Blah? I mean, couldn’t they be a little more creative and give the girl something more to work with than a bland, white wall? I am, however, extremely jealous that she got to wear Alexander McQueen booties (they have an awesome skull zipper). They’re fantastic!

Picture 1Picture 3Picture 8Picture 10Picture 11