There’s something really daring about the looks below. British newcomer Roksanda Ilincic has created an almost gothic feel to the design with the dark lips and jetblack hair

Whereas Michael Kors offers a more casual feel to the metallic color with simple make-up and beautiful pieces of jewelery

The Marc Jacobs dress below was worn by Kate Moss and this is one of the first designs from Marc Jacobs that I am not incredibly fond of. There’s something greek goddess meets halloween about it and the design completely reminds me of a dress created by Patricia Field last year. However, the color of Marc Jacobs’s dress is excellent – It would flatter any skin color too!

Farrah Fawcett

I sat and watched Farrah Fawcett’s documentary Farrah’s Story just last week. While I was watching the documentary, I said to myself, “she will survive this.” Just a few days later, I along with the rest of the world learned of her death. In the documentary, she looked so frail but along with longtime partner, Ryan O’neal she seemed incredibly optimistic and strong. I immediately admired their courage as a couple because the documentary allowed the most intimate, emotional moments of their battle with cancer to be revealed. The actress was known for her hair and she let the entire world see her bald and without it, she let the camera roll while she became more sick and she also allowed a very wonderful glimpse in to her life with Mr. O’neal. It seemed as though she wanted viewers to know what cancer does to person yet never once did she make it seem as though she felt sorry for herself. She embraced the situation gracefully and that is wonderful. I am sure she will be an inspiration to many of the millions of people who battle cancer. I wish her family the absolute best.

Michael Jackson


I had to mention Mr. Jackson despite feeling reluctant to do so. No one can deny this man’s impact on culture, music and fashion among other things. He was a great performer and artist – someone with a true gift. I feel that Mr. Jackson was a talented artist and that is the only way I choose to write about him here, despite of how I feel about him as a public figure. I will not mention anything regarding the trials in which he faced or his personal life. However, I do find it quite odd that just three days ago he was dubbed by the media as “Wacko Jacko” and people were constantly making fun of him and his family yet now that he has passed away, he is simply known as “The King of Pop” and the public outcry continues to increase to tremendous levels. Time Magazine, for example, is publishing a special edition in honor of Mr. Jackson in between its weekly issue. The last time Time Magazine published a special edition of that kind was in the days following 9/11. Don’t get me wrong, I do wish his family, his children and friends well and I feel that it’s sad for the world of music but the media hypocrisy is ridiculous. The media has ridiculed this man for decades and yet they’re currently crying their crocodile tears over the fact that his heart has stopped beating.

On a different note…

A young woman asked me today what make-up products I use, so I figured I’d let you all know about a few of the things you can find in my make-up drawer.

I have very, very curly hair. There’s only one conditioner that has ever worked and that conditioner is made by Pantene ($4.99). I have tried numerous salon brand conditioners and nothing comes close to what this conditioner offers. It makes my curls manageable and frizz-free.


For facial mosturizing I use Cetaphil ($11.49) right before bed time. It doesn’t make skin greasy but instead it gives it a dewly, glowy look.


For lipwear I use Revlon’s Nude Attitude ($7.99). It glides on effortlessly but has to be reapplied often.


and for Bronzer I use Physicians Formula Baked Pyramid Square in Baked Tan ($11.95). It’s matte (no glitter!) and can be applied dry or wet. It doesn’t make your skin oily and remains on all day.


I swear by Chanel cosmetics too. Their eyeshadows are fantastic and last forever.