Designers of The Week:

Picture 19

Above is a photo of Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston who are the two designers behind the Australian label Bec & Bridge. Their label launched in 2003 and it has since been worn by celebrities such as Supermodel Miranda Kerr among others. Their designs are truly impressive especially for a brand that is relatively young.

Below are my favorite Winter pieces from the brand.  I absolutely adore the chains, feathers, metallics, patent leather and gold details not to mention the simplicity illustrated in most of the designs. These looks seem like they would look good on anybody and the designs don’t seem like they would dominate the person wearing them. It doesn’t seem as though the designs would enter a room before the person wearing them did. I really like that.

Take a look:Picture 18cuffw09c-s001w09c-d001w08a-lg001

You can purchase these looks and more here.

On a different note…


It is my opinion that Chris Brown should be in jail as I type this. Instead, the poor excuse for a man/superstar received 5 years of probation and 180 days of community labor as a sentence. He also has to take anger management courses. Oh gee, what a punishment. If Mr. Brown wasn’t a celebrity, he would be in jail right now. However, on the bright side he did take responsibility for his actions unlike in the past. Despite this, I am still boycotting his music. Some say that it’s a little rough to boycott his music but for some reason, I took what he did to Rihanna very personally. Maybe it is because she is not that much older than me but I have always felt like he hit a person I knew. Odd, I know but Rihanna could easily have been one of my friends or myself for that matter and that is one of the reasons that I therefore refuse to support anything he does as an artist. Only a coward speaks with his fists and that’s how I will forever feel about Chris Brown and other people like him.