The Burberry ads featuring Ms. Watson were alright. However, the photos which were taken for Teen Vogue are incredibly impressive. The color contrasts are very nice and I especially like how the reds play off the purple colors. Ms. Watson’s youthful and playful appearance is striking too and in some of the photos, such as the one above, it almost seems as though she’s fairly shy and doesn’t really know what to do with herself where as in other photos such as the one below, she seems fierce and in complete control. It’s a very dramatic editorial and I absolutely feel that Burberry would have been better off had they created an ad campaign with photos like the ones below instead of the beige, rainy day vibes which they opted for instead. Despite the seasons being different, Burberry could easily have made a statement had they broken away from such a neutral, almost boring photos and color schemes. Those photos just aren’t alive, the ones below are.

Below are my favorite photos from the Teen Vogue editorial. The photos can be seen online and in the August 2009 issue of Teen Vogue which is available July 1st. Take a look:


Rollingstone Vintage

I stumbled upon this little online boutique called Rollingstone Vintage earlier today. I have a lot of love for most vintage designs and this boutique carriers a lot of good items including but not limited to: dresses, accessories, footwear and much more. For the rest of the month of June, Rollingstone Vintage is also offering 5% off any vintage jewelry that is purchased with the discount code junebug. Use it during your checkout process.

Below are my favorite items from Rollingstone Vintage that I would absolutely love to have in my wardrobe!

Picture 9Picture 11Picture 14Picture 16

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Source: teenvogue.com