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ckCalvin Klein

That is what Lisa Marchese (whom is a marketing specialist) said when interviewed by the Daily News in reference to the Calvin Klein ad above. I say to her, “YOU ARE BORDERLINE RIDICULOUS. YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME?!”

I don’t know what is borderline pornographic about the ad above. They’re all semi-clothed while engaging in what seems like lustful behavior. So? If no one has noticed, sex and even the suggestion of it is what sells! Maybe people are freaking out because the ad can be spotted on Lafayette and Houston in New York City, right there on the street. It’s not like an advertisement in a magazine where you’re not forced to look at it but I still feel that it’s just ridiculous. I’m sure no person in the world is going to get the idea or want to engage in an orgy because they saw suggestive behavior on a Calvin Klein billboard? Maybe it’s because I grew up in Europe and can’t get used to the American Conservative (no offense to conservatives) mindset because I grew up seeing nude women on the front page of the Sunday newspaper but it’s just… SO annoying!? I get irritated about things like this for one reason and one reason only: I do not recall anybody making a stink about American Apparel’s sheer dress and buttless tights advertisements that were all the fuss last month.

Not to mention the Fall 2009 Calvin Klein ads featuring Eva Mendes – Are they borderline pornographic too? Not in my opinion.


I say we just stop worrying about stupid things like what Calvin Klein advertisements look like, what drugs Lindsay Lohan is taking and whether or not Kate from the overhyped “reality” show Jon & Kate plus 8 is raising her kids correctly. Our economy stinks (Calvin Klein is actually stimulating it by paying out the gazoo for that billboard – Do you know how much something like that costs!??!?!), Iranians are currently protesting and being killed, refugees are dying… I mean, come on people! All of this may sound a little hypocritical considering I write about things like apparel, accesories, etc. on my blog but I don’t land on the front page of a magazine and I don’t become the lead story on the news. When I sit down to watch the news, Calvin Klein ads should not be the lead story like it was today. That is just so wasteful.

What do you all think? Is this borderline pornographic advertising?

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