This morning, I woke up. I rolled over and opened my eyes. In front of my face lay a brown, creepy, large spider. I was so scared that I instantly woke up and (sorry, folks) killed it with the newest issue of Time Magazine. I showered, ate breakfast (which consisted of a cup of coffee, strawberries and a bowl of yogurt) and I could still not shake the image of that spider out of my head! I sat in front of my computer monitor thinking it would serve me some relief …

That’s when I found the photos above of Bruce Willis & his wife from the July 2009 issue of W Magazine. I’m now just as freaked out as I was when I woke up this morning to that spider. This editorial simply reminds me of the Saw movies (the commercials, anyways – I’ve never ever watched the Saw movies) and it just has a prison camp, futuristic clown freakshow vibe… But I have to admire their courage. It seems like a very daring, personal thing to do and hey, Mr. Willis is what… 55? and bald? More power to him! You can view the rest of the photos from the editorial here.

On a different note…


It’s incredible how similar the Gladiator Sandals below (sold by Alloy) are to the sandals in which were designed by Steve Madden. Take a look:

Steve Madden




What do you all think?

Speaking of footwear…

What I wouldn’t do to own all of the footwear from Alexander Wang‘s Fall 2009 collection. These are my favorite:

Picture 2Picture 4Picture 12 Picture 9Picture 11Picture 7

Other than that,I had one of those “lets just bake cookies and kick back” type of days… Boring but just wait until this weekend!