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The photo above is of The Gossip singer Beth Ditto. After she posed for this cover, the feature director of British GQ, Alex Bilmes, called her a “porker”,  “a fat lesbian” and stated that fashion editors are “stupid” for liking her. He says that she is a poor example for young women, yet what example is he setting himself? He is encouraging that young women and others speak of people like Beth Ditto in that disgusting, sleazy manner while also further increasing the dislike of obese individuals. I can not imagine what life must be like being obese here in America. The amount of ridicule, teasing and taunting one must face. It is frightening and yet I am still surprised that he hasn’t been fired. But while Sarah Palin keeps freaking out over David Letterman’s (tasteless, foolish) joke no one is making a big deal out of Mr. Bilmes remarks. At least not here in the United States. Yes, Beth Ditto is obviously overweight but so are many other people. Shouldn’t there be room for everyone? Just because she isn’t Kate Moss doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have the equal opportunity to pose for a magazine if she wants to and how dare he think he is so above it all, that he can call people “stupid” for liking her? She’s bold and quite frankly very brave. I don’t know of anyone else her size who has posed like that. She obviously knew she would receive negative attention from her decision to pose nude and while he works on stories for GQ, she is the story in other magazines and around the world. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she soon poses in GQ and what will he say then? Sorry, I hope but I don’t believe a man like him ever would apologize. His own ignorance wouldn’t allow it.

Should these guys be referred to as fat, out-of-shape a**holes then!?

It’s a double standard. When larger men like Seth Rogen are on the front page of magazines like Vanity Fair no one calls him “porker” or anything else that’s mean. Yet when a larger woman does she immediately gets ridiculed. It makes me so mad, I want to scream. Granted the fellows below are actually clothed but they’re also out of shape and no one ever called them fat, out-of-shape a**holes, did they? And guess what? Mr. Rimes isn’t just calling Beth Ditto a “porker” and “a fat lesbian” – he is calling all women that but he is especially calling every woman her size a “porker” and every overweight lesbian “a fat lesbian”. He’s insulting countless of people, myself included and I am disgusted by him. While Sarah Palin continues to demand that David Letterman apologize to “every young woman in America”, I feel that Mr. Himes should be pressured to apologize too. He should be ashamed of himself and his own foolish words for he will never know what it feels like to be a woman and to be called fat. He will never know the self doubt that he has created in the minds of some women that relate to Beth Ditto and he will never know what it is like to appreciate diversity and promote self-worth. He’s a disgrace and I feel that everyone should be outraged.


UPDATE 6/15/2009

Beth Ditto officially got last laugh! My whole morning was made when I discovered this t-shirt by Marc Jacobs which retails for $37.00 – TAKE THAT!

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