How fantastic is this Sylvia Toledano clutch!? If only the price tag was equally fantastic. One of these days, I’m going to make a D.I.Y project out of this!


Get The Look for less!

Check out Katy Perry in London, wearing a floral blazer that I instantly recognized. The design is from Topshop and it can be purchased here. The blazer is on the pricey side but I am almost certain that the other items in which are featured below are less expensive than those in which Ms. Perry is wearing :)

All links featured in Get The Look for less, are direct links and will take you to the item featured on youarewhoyouwear as well as its proper place of purchase.

To complete the look, add these Pyramid Stud Bracelets from the Linea Pelle Collection.


Sunglasses from Bleu Dame, $12.80


Leggings from Forever21, $4.50

and if you are willing to splurge you can also purchase Ms. Perry’s Vivienne Westwood shoes here .

Christopher Kane

Also, take a look at Christopher Kane‘s first ever pre-collection, featured below. Some of the pieces seem to have been inspired by mushroom clouds. I’m in love!

Christopher Kane Resort 2010Christopher Kane Resort 2010Christopher Kane Resort 2010Christopher Kane Resort 2010


Last night, I watched the movie Fracture” for the second time. Mr. Gosling was the sole reason I even sat down to watch it. The brilliant actor that is Anthony Hopkins also stars in this absolutely stunning film but I absolutely refuse to spoil it for any of you, so just take my word and go rent it, buy it or you can also view the trailer here.

While I was watching the movie, I began thinking… What is it that makes Ryan Gosling so appealing? To all of you thinking “The Notebook”, I feel that you are very wrong. I was watching Mr. Gosling on TV during his Breaker Highand Young Hercules days and even then there was something about him. I don’t know what it is but he is talented and seems incredibly charming.

Below are a few pictures of Ryan Gosling. What do you all think? Why is he so appealing?