I’ve been outside for most of the day. I spent time with my sister and we had fun. I made a homemade frappuccino and it was delicious (my recipe will be up soon).

Then I sat in front of a MAC. I just find the need to use iPhoto every time I sit in front of one & I think it’s because I own a Dell that I find it so alluring. To all of you MAC owners, I envy you.

Photo 116

Below is an old MAC photo of my sister and I. Gotta love iPhoto.

Photo 12

Other than that, I had salmon for dinner. Below is the uncooked version – I forgot to take a photo of the whole plate once dinner was ready.


If  you are sleeping by the end of this post, I will completely understand. I’m suffering from bloggers block today. I apologize – I’ll be back tomorrow :)