Jamie Lee Curtis

Since I’ve sung the praises of stars that dare do photo shoots without make-up and photoshop (my all-time favorite being of Jamie Lee Curtis, featured above), I thought I’d give you all a peek of what I look like without make-up, photoshop, good lighting, etc. since you never see me like that. I’m at a point in my life where I really don’t mind people knowing that I have pimples (next year, I have had them for a full decade haha), huge bags underneath my eyes, crooked teeth, morbid love handles and a crazy amount of stretch marks. I’m happy but I will not lie to you. Like every girl I sometimes feel like a whale, I some times wish I looked different but then I remember that all of those flaws have actually somehow landed me in front of a camera, on Seventeen Magazine online, in a small role in the movie Moonlight & Mistletoe, etc. etc. Most of the time it’s all good for I am my worst critic. I’m content and I can only wish that all people feel that way about their body image!

The Real Me – Sans Fards

Photo 107



While we’re on the topic of natural beauty, I encourage you all to take a look at how a photo shoot goes on which you can experience in the video featured below. Having been behind the camera as well as in front of it, I’ve have had the fortunate experience of seeing myself altered on a computer monitor. At first, I was shocked but I didn’t mind and still to some extent don’t – it simply comes with the territory but I just feel there should be a balance and there should be less altering of images too. It’s simply not necessary. The video below was created by Dove and I feel it’s such a great illustration on how the media truly creates false expectations in their advertisements and in the minds of young women. Take a look:

Kate Moss


Versace Fall 2007

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