I found out about The Kind Campaign when I was viewing photography taken by Nirrimi, the 16 year old photography who I featured on youarewhoyouwear a few days ago. I decided immediately that I was going to write about the campaign and after consulting with one of the founders of TKC, I was granted permission to do such.

What The Kind Campaign is About:

The Kind Campaign is a movement, based upon the powerful belief in Kindness, that seeks to bring awareness and healing to the negative and lasting affects of abuse. The Kind Campaign wants to lend support to female abuse victims of what they call the “Girl World.” The abuse includes but is not limited to: physical fighting, name-calling, peer-pressure, social status, competition, manipulation and the spread of harmful rumors. The Kind Campaign strongly feels that these girl-on-girl “crimes” strip us of valuable identities and I completely agree.

I will be the first to admit that not engaging in behavior such as bullying can some times be tough. I thought this would change upon my arriving to college but I was wrong. Interacting with young women can some times be difficult especially when one arrives in a new environment and suddenly feels the pressure to participate in activities such as threatening, rumor spreading and fighting just to name a few. That is also why I decided to write about the campaign. I wanted to lend awareness to The Kind Campaign as a support system not only for victims of abuse but also for ladies who were trying to steer away from participating in such behaviors. The Kind Campaign reminds us about who we should strive to be. It’s a reminder that we can all be kind and supportive of one another despite our differences.

The Kind Campaign stresses that females of all ages should support one another. We face so much scrutiny from the media, the opposite sex and day-to-day life that essentially we should all be there for one another. This Campaign naturally realizes that not everyone can be friends but also stresses that you can dislike someone without actually being mean to them and without negatively impacting their life.

Lauren Parsekian & Molly Stroud united in creating The Kind Campaign. Both survivors of bullying, they share a unique perspective on how these damaging behaviors can be eliminated. The Kind Campaign is a dynamic approach and wants to unite women despite their possible differences and it also wants to create an outlet for women who want to tell of their stories and experiences. The Kind Campaign features a growing online magazine that features stories of girls who have survived bullying as well as words of encouragement. The photographs were shot by Nirrimi.

One can support The Kind Campaign by purchasing merchandise such as the t-shirts featured below and/or by donating funds directly through the site via. Paypal or any major credit card.

If you are a victim of bullying and/or girl-on-girl crimes or if you know of someone who is, I encourage you to visit You may also want to take a look at the Kind Campaign documentary here for stories that might be similar to yours or someone you know. They are encouraging and powerful.