Mischa Barton (finally!) returns to TV this Fall with the “The Beautiful Life” produced by former model and actor, Ashton Kutcher. I just watched a clip from the show (which is set to air on The CW this Fall) and I must say that I’m a little disappointed – all the models featured in the clip are really skinny and since Mr. Kutcher is one of  the executive producers, I did expect some diversity. Who knows? The show might just surprise me, if I ever decide to watch it. Do any of you plan on watching the show? I think Ms. Barton looks gorgeous and like someone who could walk the runway in real life.

Take a look at these photos of Barton on “The Beautiful Life” set:


Take a look at the preview here:

I myself wore Chanel today.


Source: Zimbio.com, redcarpetfashionawards.com & youtube.com