Designer of The Week: Alexandra Cipparone

I have been wanting to create a Designer of The Week segment for some time, so it seemed as though fate intervened when I stumbled upon Alexandra Cipparone’s new collection, ALEX&RA. Upon reading her e-mail, I immediately visited her website where her clothing quickly caught my eye. I proceeded to ask her numerous questions which she generously answered. I was not only intrigued by ALEX&RA but also intrigued by it’s creator. Ms. Cipparone is an innocent figure with a fierce personality. She knows her collection is of quality and you can almost hear her boast of pride when she talks of it. I decided that I wanted to feature ALEX&RA on youarewhoyouwear & you can read my interview of Ms. Cipparone, the first ever Designer of The Week for youarewhoyouwear at the bottom of this page.

Here are my favorite pieces from Ms. Cipparone’s collection:

Paintbrush Silk Long Pencil SkirtSeashell Pencil Skirt in RoseLight Blue Geometric Mini SkirtWhite and Blue Summer Dress with ButtonsSilk Mini Skirt with Ruffles

“So lovely. I am really impressed with the fit and attention to little details. Thank you so much Alexandra! I will be back for sure.” raves one happy customer who purchased a skirt from ALEX&RA. “Like nothing I’ve seen in stores!” raves another.

These deserved comments make Ms. Cipparone blush. Despite her fun and interesting designs she does not recall when she first began designing clothes but she does know it has been a passion of hers for over 10 years. Raised in a household where her father worked as an architect it is safe to say that she has the gene and eye of a designer. Finding inspiration in her father, various artists and music Cipparone has created a collection that is simple, feminine and diverse. One can easily see that ALEX&RA takes time and care to create and I immediately respected that. I also felt that the readers of youarewhoyouwear would too. Ms. Cipparone models her own collection and uses environmentally friendly practices and her clothing sells through standard sizes small through large. However, custom sizes are also available along with international shipping. To view some of the ALEX&RA collection as well as my interview of Alexandra Cipparone, please scroll down this page. ALEX&RA is available for purchase online via Etsy as well as via the official ALEX&RA website. Also enter the ALEX&RA give-away contest for a chance to win a free skirt here.

youarewhoyouwear interview of Alexandra Cipparone:

– Have you ever attended a school of design or did you just learn how to design attire by yourself?

I have never taken a class in design, and I that is what helps me stand out in the industry. My aesthetic comes from so many places! I see a lot of my father’s influence in my designs but I also consider myself a fan of all things vintage and find some of those design elements sneaking into my work. I think good design just comes from being aware of all forms are art around you and finding a way to put them all together.

– Which designer do you find most inspirational?

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite! To me, the best designers are those that stick to their gut feelings and don’t follow the hype of the latest trend. To be fair, I am more inspired by artists and musicians than fashion designers because they have such a different way of expressing themselves – it makes me work just as hard to create my own method. They conquer a blank canvas with color, composition, movement and balance the same way I work with fabric to create clothing. I surround myself with the work of fearless, honest and personal expression so that I will in turn do the same.

– What do you hope to accomplish with your collection?

My goal for ALEX&RA is to be able to do this as long as I can! I love designing and creating each piece by hand. It’s such a rewarding and fulfilling experience for me. It is also important for me to bring more attention to San Fransisco as a fashion capital. This is such an amazing city and there is so much talent and diversity here. I am so inspired by it all!

For more information about ALEX&RA please visit the official site here.

Photos by Ryan Martinez.