I came across the blog COACD today. He featured this art work and the photo/slogan below. I thought it looks so interesting (and I love the “vote not coke” image!). COACD features a lot of models but I didn’t see any plus-size ones, except for Crystal Renn which disappointed me a little bit. Maybe I didn’t look well enough? But I believe all types of models should be featured in various things. Thin, curvy, Asian, Caucasian, African-American… Just all nationalities, shapes, sizes & ages! Anyways, take a look:

VOTEnotcokeCOACD TOP 10_6.jpgCOACD TOP 10_10.jpgCOACD TOP 10_2.jpg

On a different note….

I absolutely fell in love with Ashley Olsen & Mary-Kate Olsen this morning. They look so good, mostly because they both look so simple & happy. Mary-Kate’s actually wearing a dress by Topshop and I love her rings but the sunglasses.. Ah, it’s typical Mary-Kate. What do you all think?


Get Mary-Kate’s look from Topshop

mktopshop& the same style sunglasses below:

purchase the sunglasses above here.

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