Chain Reaction


Necklace available here from Urban Outfitters.

Buzz, buzz, buzz

I actually didn’t know that Alexander McQueen also designs jewelry. Take a look at this incredible skull ring, designed by McQueen which is available via. FarFetch:


On a different note…

Every single video of Kanye West’s new song “Paranoid” which features Rihanna has been removed by YouTube due to Copyright infringement claims. However, below are some photos of Rihanna from the video & I don’t know about you, but I think her tape/lingerie get-up is pretty cool. Gotta love Ri-Ri & I really think Kanye should stop being mad over the leak. If people want your music that bad that they’re going to alter it, leak it or whatever then take it as a compliment. Don’t act like a baby. Anyways, take a look:


Rihanna was recently spotted in London wearing this:


Get her look for a lot less here:


Jacket from Charlotte Russe, $26.99, jeans from, lace bra from Calvin Klein, $24.00, Tank from, $8.50, zipper boots from, $24.99, necklace from & lipstick from MAC cosmetics, $14.00.

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