Since when does Dane Cook look this good? I mean, my sister and I did notice his ridiculously good looking biceps when he was performing on Comedy Central the other night…. But this photo from the latest issue of EW Magazine – I don’t even know what to say! Take a look:



Isolated Incident


On a more constructive note, I do feel that Mr. Cook’s latest comedy skit for Comedy Central was humorous but very vulgar. I mean, comedy usually is but if my mother was in the room I would have been red cheeked. He spoke of his parents death (my heart goes out to him) which I think understandably affected him while preparing for this skit. He just seemed a little far out?  It was humorous just not as much as Vicious Circle was. I still think he’s great.

Take a look at a clip from Isolated incident (Video clip contains graphic language):