In the photo below are a pair of jeans in which I purchased earlier today. I felt they looked kind of boring so I headed over to Jo-ann’s Fabrics and bought some lace fabric to add detailing to them. Take a look:





The back pockets aren’t done but this is what one of them looks like so far :) I ran out of black thread.. Ugh!

All you need in order to do this yourself is the following:

– A pair of jeans

– Lace – or any type of fabric you would like. Plaid fabric, for example.

– A needle & thread.

– A scissor to cut the fabric.

Simply cut the fabric in the shape of the back pocket. Use extra needles to pin down the fabric so it will not move. Sew the fabric onto the denim pocket slowly so to ensure accurateness. That is pretty much it! It’s kind of self-explanatory but if any of you have any questions, feel free to contact me :)

Bleached Ambition

I made these shorts today

IMG_2843 IMG_2840

They came out yellowish and I suspect that is because they water in my town contains an incredible amount of iron in it (so much so, that when you use the water it is yellow. We therefore only drink bottled water.. Yuck) but I still think they look pretty cool :) They shorts are in the wash right now so hopefully some of the yellow color will fade. If not, oh well.

All you need in order to create this look yourself is the following:

– A pair of shorts or jeans –  Dark denim works best.

– Approximately 100 rubber bands.

– Clorox bleach

– A bucket or tub

Place rubber bands around the denim so it looks something like this:


Source: bleachblack

Then place denim in a bucket or tub of bleach. Let is sit for about 5 minutes depending on how light your want the bleach marks to be. Once five minutes have passed, remove rubber bands from denim and you should see a pattern. Place in the washing machine immediately. That’s it!