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Thanks to Chris Brown and rapper Bow Wow, I had myself a giggle this afternoon. While the matter in which they refer to, is not a joke the ignorance in which they illustrated sure is. A recent video clip which was filmed by Chris Brown and Bow Wow was brought to my attention by a friend of mine and can be viewed below.

Chris Brown would just like the whole world to know what he “ain’t a monster”. This might be true but he needs to grow up and stop acting like he’s innocent. The affidavit is available for anyone  to read which clearly states the physical and verbal abuse that he used towards his girlfriend. He’s supposed to be an example and right now all he’s illustrating is that you can beat the crap out of your girlfriend, not take responsibility for it and then appear in stupid youtube videos while at the same time encouraging ignorant behavior.

It makes me really angry. It shouldn’t since I personally do not know these people but from what the guys at my college have said regarding this matter, makes me believe that his actions are not generally viewed as wrong by people in my age group (he is my age too). A lot of the guys I discussed this with said that she “probaly deserved it” and Mr. Brown’s actions following his arrest, do not discourage the type of behavior in which he illustrated that night.

I think it’s a shame. Mr. Brown owes the public no comment but I still feel that he should act more responsible. I still feel he should make people aware that  he knows what he did was wrong and I still feel he should not act like a monster, if he wants people to view him as anything but a monster.

If you or somebody you know is facing any type of abuse, please visit www.dosomething.org – This site offers resources, advice and tools for young adults who either are in an abusive relationship or know somebody who is. The site also offers a Public Service Announcement with a video recreated from the affidavit of the Chris Brown & Rihanna case. The video illustrates what he did to her, according to the police report. I encourage you all to take a look at it – I will not be purchasing Brown’s new album Graffiti upon its release. I’m officially boycotting it.

Rihanna gets her revenge in her own way by continuing to look amazing in everything she does. Below is a photo of her from a few days ago, I absolutely love her jacket and statement lips. Take a look:

Source: ContactMusic.com

Source: ContactMusic.com