I believe they’re the worst type of scars out there- or maybe I’m just vain? I’ve had acne/pimples since I was 9 – A whole 10 years! I don’t remember a time where my skin was not like this and I can never help myself. I’m always picking on my skin.  Yes, feel bad for me. While children die of starvation, I complain about pimples. I know – stupid! But do any of you know of any products that can help get rid of these types of scars?


It looks like I’m not the only one seeing red lately. Check out these amazing mini netbooks from Dell.com which in partnership with the (RED) foundation has created the mini netbooks. They’re small in size and cheap. Depending on the size of the netbook in which you get, the price range is as follows: the 9″ starts at $249, 10″ starts at $349 & the 12″ starts at $399. Other color options are available too. I personally prefer it in Red – it’s hot.


Source: Dell.com

Not bad at all. Especially for a college student like myself.