Australian Vogue is my new favorite Vogue. Ah, who am I kidding? But Kat George certainly made me believe that for just a second after viewing the images below. However, I did find the most fantastic designs and with a little help from style lines, here are some bold statement dresses & outrageous prints that I just had to share with you all:


Source: & Style lines.

On that note, please take a look at Lady Gaga’s amazing live performance on DWTS last night:

She’s bold and so is her style.  Everything about her is so different – it’s so refreshing.  She’s odd but at the same time just great. Her style can not be copied but here’s a Lady Gaga inspired look:


Dress from $70.00, Thunder necklace from $18.50, Bodysuit from $10.00, fake eyelashes from $5.00, Bad knucklering from $50.00, fingergloves from $24.00, Buckle bootie from $39.00, Tri-strap heel from $32.99