According to Elle Magazine, Fifi Lapin is “the worlds most stylish bunny” and I completely agree. I stumbled upon this blog on blogspot and I am absolutely amazed. Unlike my own (and the most blogs that I know of) this blogger has no real face. She’s completely illustrated but she’s not like anime figure or cartoon figure illustrated – she’s a very lightly drawn, almost juvenile looking bunny! She dresses (or draws) herself in the latest fashion ranging from the Chanel runway to Topshop basics. The illustrator takes pictures and looks from various runways and draws them on his/her bunny. It’s become such a hit, that the blogger is now selling paintings of the bunnies for $360.00! She even has how own Le Sport Sac design. I’m stunned because she’s a bunny, not a real person and I think that makes it even better. It’s just so different. Take a look at these illustrations, created by Fifi Lapin (if that’s even her real name?):



All images are owned by Fifi Lapin. Please visit her blog at the following link: to view more designs and/or illustrations.

You can purchase her Le Sport Sac designs at – prices range from $18.00 to $165.00

lesportsac_fifi-lapin3.jpgFifi was also featured in Australian Vogue as well as Korean Vogue. Take a look:

Source: Fifi

Australian Vogue - Source: Fifi Lapin

Source: Fifi Lapin

Korean Vogue - Source: Fifi Lapin