I (with assistance from my lovely, beautiful Mother) made Pico de Gallo for the first time today. Here’s a photo:


It was a very simple thing to make. Here’s a recipe for all the Domestic Diva’s out there! My Mother’s recipe only requires the following ingredients:

– Tostitos, 6 diced tomatoes, Cilantro, one squeezed lime & one large diced red onion.

First I diced the tomatoes in to small squares, diced the red onions and mixed them together in a bowl. Then I added the squeezed lime and the cilantro where I then proceeded to mix everything together. I chilled the Pico de Gallo for half an hour before serving it. While I was waiting for it to chill, I made guacamole where I used the following ingredients:

– 4 soft/riped advocado’s, 2 diced tomatoes (optional), Cilantro, 1/2 diced red onion, 1 squeezed lemon (to preserve the green color of the guacamole).

Cut the advocado’s in half, place them in a bowl. Add the squeezed lemon immediately to preserve the color of the advocado. Add the diced onion, cilantro and tomato. Mix with a fork and chill until you serve it. End result should look something like this:


We had homemade burgers for dinner too.


This was so much better than college cafeteria food, that’s for sure!