Source: Zimbio

Source: Zimbio

Rihanna is back! Months following the (alleged) beating that was served to her by the hands of fellow superstar and (hopefully ex-)boyfriend, Chris Brown, Rihanna verbally punches him back with what can only be considered an excellent choice for her career; a post break-up/in your face type of song. The track is called “Silly boy”. It was produced by Timbaland and Lady Gaga helps get Rihanna’s message across by lending her vocals to this phenomenal song. I really enjoy the electronic nature of the it (despite being reminded of Basshunter while listening to parts of the song) but even if the song was terrible, I’d still enjoy it due to its lyrics which include the following:

” ‘Cause you had a good girl good girl girl/That’s a keeper k-k-k-k-keeper/You had a good girl good girl but/Didn’t know how to treat her t-t-t-t-treat her/ So silly boy get out my face/Why do you like the way regrets taste?/ So silly boy get out my hair my hair/ No I don’t want you no more…”

I wish Rihanna nothing but the best. She’s a great artist and I hope with time, she’ll be an anti-domestic abuse advocate. She is proof that despite one’s level of fame, domestic abuse never eludes. Anyone can be a victim of abuse but one can also become an inspiration because of their will to survive – she’s surviving and she’s not doing it quietly either. She’s fighting back in the most creative, profound manner possible – with words, not fists. It takes courage to speak your mind; it takes a coward to raise his fist.

Listen to her new song here:

Update 5/13/2009:

According to & Rihanna’s Representative, the “Silly boy” track is a fake. It is reportedly not Rihanna nor Lady Gaga on the track. Even Kanye West & NY Magazine were  fooled! They both blogged about the track on their respective blogs. Hmmm, oh well. It’s still a good song.