IMG_2156I’m back in mediocre Vermont… For now. I journeyed to NYC on Friday morning. I was an hour early and the bus station had not even opened yet. This allowed me to walk around and take photos of the town in which I was departing from, while also hauling around my 50 pound bag worth of clothing that I never even wore. Here’s a photo from Friday morning:

IMG_1976I also had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. with my Uncle and my cousins. My youngest cousin, Ty had a gaming convention in Baltimore so after we dropped him off we went to D.C. – That was so amazing. While my cousin is a gaming wiz’, I am a real geek for anything that involves politics so to experience D.C. was incredible. We also visited the International Spy Museum which just made me so paranoid. Spy’s are among us!! :) I recommend going there – The tour was long and I felt like I had ADD an hour in to it but other than that, it was a great museum. Here are a few photos of us in DC:


On Sunday, my cousins and I went to the city where we walked about 50 blocks. I had way too much Starbucks and several minor heart attacks. Especially when I passed the window displays  for Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorfs Goodman. I’ve never actually walked inside these stores (I fear that I will be treated like Julia Robert’s in Pretty Woman when she tries to purchase clothing from that high-end botique and gets treated like… well, a prostitute ) but from the window displays alone, I know that I would have a serious problem finding the exit of these stores. The theme for the Saks window display was created by Chanel and every window had a Chanel theme. Here’s a few photos of Saks and Bergdorf:


IMG_2120IMG_2159IMG_2138IMG_2135IMG_2140The photo above are the leggings from my Rihanna post from last week! They’re AMAZING!!! I was also really excited to see more of The Model As Muse Exhibit on display (which I also wrote about last week) at Bergdorf Goodman.

I had an incredible weekend with my family. I have not had so much fun in months! I really enjoyed spending time with them and while I was in New York, I realized that I might live in mediocre Vermont (for now) but in cities like New York City, I just feel mediocre. New Yorker’s are the most sophisticated, street smart people on Earth and I could be dressed in Chanel from head to toe but I will always feel mediocre in New York. That’s why I love that city. It humbles me and I always feel the size of an ant while I am there. It is the single hand most incredible place.

Here are some random photos from the city: