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Mary-Kate Olsen - Source: Nylon Magazine

So, currently I’m listening to Fast Car by Tracy Chapman and it got me thinking that hopping in a car and just driving would be really nice. I’d drive to New York City and I would go to Times Square and drink a cup of Starbucks. I would just stare – I would smell the smog and I would feel the breeze. I’d look at all the faces I had never seen in my life and I’d love every second of it. Fast car is a great song. The song in itself is mellow but desperate at the same time. The song is incredible, so incredible I remember when I heard it for the very first time, thinking Tracy was actually a male. Speaking of songs/singers, I have just been enjoying a lot of Tim McGraw lately. He’s incredible. I recently just heard  the song “Walk like a man” which made me really sad – It’s a beautiful song, but it really hit home and all I wanted to do was call my friend and tell him about it. But I don’t take rejection well and I know he’d either say something really inconsiderate or we’d just start arguing. Maybe I’ll play it for him sometime…

My day has been alright, I really shouldn’t complain despite the fact that I spilt coffee all over my keyboard and my mouse buttons are all messed up, but it could be worse. I applied for a summer job today, I hope I get it. It would allow me to work with youth and my suitemate told me I’d be a great mentor. I sure hope she’s right but I semi-agree with her, because I’d never apply for the position if I didn’t feel that I had something to offer. My Freshmen year is almost over – that is so insane. I just can’t believe how fast time has gone by. A lot of things happened this year – I left my home, fell in love for the first time, got my heart broken for the first time. I got to meet amazing people and for the first time, I had great teachers who actually taught me something. Very cool.  I kind of slacked off (no, I didn’t party my butt off) I just lost a lot of drive a few months in to the year. I guess boys can do that to you, although I know better now. “Chicks before dicks” – Right? ;)

I’ve lost a little bit of weight but I’m sure I’ll gain it back. I really want a cigarette right now, but I’m going to drink grapefruit juice instead. Lame. Oh and tomorrow I’m wearing Calvin Klein cut-off boyfriend shorts, a basic gray tunic and lace up booties. Nothing major – the weather is too hot to layer and stuff.



– K