While I was watching “Countdown with Keith Olbermannwhich is a news program that I watch religiously, he started a segment of “World’s best persons” and brought attention to a case that happened at Keswick High School which is in Canada. A 15-year old Asian boy had been taunted and bullied by a fellow classmates for the entire year due to his Asian background, according to his fellow classmates. The boy – who carries a black belt in martial arts – defended himself follwing a punch to the mouth and wound up breaking the bullies nose. As a result, the Asian boy was placed under arrest (he has to appear in youth court May 13th) which caused 300 of his classmates to protest Racism in front of their high school.  The bully recieved suspension from school. The protesters walked out of class to have this protest which shows support for him.

Source: Yorkshire.com

The exact same thing happened to me my Freshman year in high school. I attended New Dorp High School in New York and this boy called me a nigger and pushed me where I then proceeded to throw him to the ground, where I stomped on him and he got back up, punched me and broke my nose. My mother demanded he be arrested but instead we both were since the police said that the fact that I was defending myself meant nothing and I had no evidence that he had hit me (My nose was broken, my eyes swollen halfway shut and I had blood all over my white t-shirt – could you need more evidence!?). Then my sister experienced this her junior year in high school when she attenden Springfield High School in VT. She was called a nigger too except this time it was written all over the bathroom walls and her car tires were slashed. She defended herself too and wound up in court.

When this happened, no one but I stood up against it at Springfield High School. I held protest after protest and passed out 250 flyers around school demanding the student body help find out who was responsbile. Not only was I discouraged by the Principal but the school’s faculty asked me to stop posting flyers and just “deal” with the fact that what had happened, had happened. The student body felt the same way and when the flyers did not help I began designing t-shirts that illustrated how I felt. The picture below is similar to one of the t-shirts that I designed. It states the following, “God sees no color.” Christina Aguilera wore it in 2003. I applaud the students of Keswick High School. It’s shame that a young man gets arrested for defending himself from bodily harm. No one gets the mental harm racism and bigotry causes too and what’s even more of a shame is that young 13, 15, 18 year olds have to be the ones who stand up towards this type of behavior. Adults should be the examples and young students should follow.

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Sources: Photobucket.com, yorkshire.com