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I’m not going to lie, I had never even heard of Matthew Williamson until he along with H&M announced he’d be their guest designer for their upcoming summer collection. Well, the line has arrived and I am indeed impressed – I just don’t like the prices. Some of the dresses are $200.00 – Are you kidding? I’m sorry, the only time I will ever spend $200.00 on a dress is for 1. Prom (over that, thankfully) 2. My wedding dress 3. When my college loans are paid off. I am sure designers from Forever21 or stores like Topshop will catch up with similar designs for next year though.

Patricia Field - Source:

Patricia Field - Source:

 I am very enthusiastic with the mix of leathers and powerful fuschia, blue and yellow colors – bold & beautiful. Below are some photos from his launch party where a lot of celebrities that I had never even heard of attended. But all in all it looked like a fun time. Grace Jones was there (will she ever age!? Her legs are by the way to die for!), Sophie Furhman (In Alexander Wang shoes!) was there too and Patricia Field didn’t miss out on the bash either. But I was insanely disappointed by her outfit. Why is it that stylists can style everyone but themselves? (Rachel Zoe anyone!?) … Anyways, Matthew Williamson is great – his mix of bold colors and patterns are fantastic.

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Grace Jones - Source: