A year later, I still find myself very fascinated with the S&TC Vogue edtiorial:


I love the fact that she’s between his legs – not vice versa…


This reminds me of a NYC version of cinderella, because SJP’s foot is popping out of her stiletto. Very beautiful & passionate.


All smiles :)


Carrie is a smart gal for letting Mr. B himself carry all the heavy lugage ;)

Source: Vogue

Source: Vogue

 This photo is very powerful. The way SJP’s back is flexed shows power while Chris Noth’s expression shows the same.

I found a dress similar to the one Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing in the photo above.
Dress, $34.00 - www.forever21.com

Dress, $34.00 - http://www.forever21.com

If one could only purchase a Mr. Big to go along with it ;) haha